Visiting a church can be a scary experience!

But when you come to Rivermont, you can relax.


We'd love to have you visit this Sunday!

Expect a friendly, grace-filled culture.

Guests usually say, "Wow, I've never been to a church this friendly..." We believe the church should be an enjoyable place where memories are made. Jesus loved the church, and we know it is a place of friendliness, grace, love, and hope.

Expect some help along the way.

Greeters will welcome you and help you find classes and nurseries. Ushers will guide you to your seat once you enter our auditorium for the worship service. You can also visit our Information Center at any time for more help.

Expect to find a place where you can fit in.

Your family or friends will find a class designed just for them! Nurseries, children's ministries, teen ministry, and adult groups are all well-planned and prepared so that your Sunday is well invested into spiritual growth and encouragement.

Expect meaningful worship.

At Rivermont, we worship Jesus. The music is meaningful, enjoyable, and refreshing. Our goal is worship, not entertainment, and we believe the music will touch you in a sincere way. We also have an opportunity to give, but as our guest, please do not feel obligated to give during our offering.

Expect a practical, powerful Bible message

Pastor Dove will deliver a powerful Bible message that you can easily make a personal application to your everyday life situations. The Bible has the answers you've been longing for, and its essential for your journey through life.

Expect to be impacted for the better.

Our goal is simple-to love you and encourage you. Whatever you're facing, wherever you came from, whatever decisions you are up against, God's Word, God's grace, and God's love through the person of Jesus Christ will make all the difference you need.