Our Pastor

Justin and Hannah Dove
Pastor and Wife

Church Officers

Roger Stevens
Bruce Ring

Church Staff

Larry Cameron
Hannah Dove
Administrative Assistant
Diane Stevens
Church Clerk, Church Records,
Breeze Communications

Ministry Coordinators

Refa Blakely
Youth Ministries Coordinator,
Good News Bible Club Director,
Katrina Burkhart
Hospitality, Prayer Chain Coordinator,
Youth Ministry, Breeze Communications
Tammy Moran
Hospitality, L.I.F.T. Ministry Coordinator,
Breeze Communications, Jolly 60's
Sylvia Dawson
Church Records (retired/consultant)
Bluebirds Ministry
Debbie Berger
Missionary Communications Coordinator
Jolly 60's

Support Staff

Pasty Grove
Ladies Ministry
Della Cameron
Church Pianist, Ladies Ministry
Nate Pullen
Audio and Radio Ministry
Justin Dove II
Audio and Radio Ministry